20 Powerful Secrets to Influence Others Effectively

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Your ability to influence others in an understandable and confident way is vital to achieve success.

People who speak persuasively, are often those who end up becoming more successful in life. 

This is because they understand how to communicate professionally with other people and ultimately influence others effectively.

An Important Thing to Initially Consider: Influencing Others Isn’t Manipulation

Manipulation is the control and coercion conducted through force, in order to make someone do something regardless of whether they believe it is the right thing to do or not.

Whereas, influencing others uses reason, valid arguments and tempting advantages. 

This is done in such a way so that others can act rationally and in the form of their own morals.

It is important that you remember this: 
Don't try to influence those who don't want to be influenced!

Make sure that you choose your circle wisely and identify those who agree with your ideologies, views, and products or services. 

These are the people that will make up your target audience and be of most value to you. So, direct your time towards these people for optimal results.

20 Powerful Secrets to Influence Others Effectively - Post Contents:

  1. If People Don't Believe You, They Won't Listen To You
  2. We Like People Who Are Similar To Ourselves
  3. Put Yourself In The Shoes Of Others
  4. Offer Something To Get Something Else In Return
  5. What We See Is As Important As The Way We Feel
  6. Trust and Value Will Prove Your Point Of Strength
  7. Have Authority Over Others
  8. Knowledge Is Power
  9. Build And Develop Your Reputation
  10. Take Care Of How You Dress And Look
  11. You Don't Need To Offer Everything At the Start
  12. Portray A Sense Of Urgency
  13. Establish Unique Relationships
  14. Always Be Persistent
  15. Be Flexible With Your Approach And Answers
  16. Stay Calm And Keep Your Emotions Under Control
  17. Choose Your Battles Wisely
  18. Listen More Than You Speak
  19. Engage And Interact With People
  20. Strive To Eliminate Fear


20 Powerful Secrets to Influence Others Effectively

1. If People Don't Believe You, They Won't Listen To You

Credibility is at the heart of everything you say and do, if people don't trust what you're saying then how can you possibly expect to gain influence other them?

Always be truthful and honest, it goes a long way in the long-term!

2. We Like People Who Are Similar To Ourselves

Everyone prefers to say "yes" to the people they like the most.

That's why, when you first meet someone, you will almost always begin to talk a little bit about yourself, what you do and, possibly find some common ground that you can both relate to.

We prefer people that our similar to ourselves and these are the type of people that are ultimately going to be easier for you to have a positive influence over.

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3.Put Yourself In The Shoes Of Others

If you stop to think about yourself and what you want to achieve each time, you will never persuade anyone.

Learn to talk more consistently with others about what they want. This way you can understand their needs more clearly.

4.Offer Something To Get Something Else In Return

We are all bound to want something in return, in fact the rule of reciprocity is very strong in each of us.

By giving something, doing a favor or a concession and giving some consideration to others, we always think that on the other side we feel indebted to return kindness.

5.What We See Is As Important As The Way We Feel

We always say to never judge a book by its cover, yet people judge instantly from the very first impression. 

You subconsciously assess body language, behavior, gestures, and the way you dress within an instant.

All of these elements have a strong impact on your ability to persuade others, so make sure you understand how to make a good first impression by being aware of the importance of the first impression.

6.Trust and Value Will Provide Your Point Of Strength

We all need to have good self-confidence and truly believe in ourselves, in fact it is thanks to this that you will be able to influence others, but only if you truly believe in what you do.

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7.Have Authority Over Others

People listen to the experts and have confidence in them.

Therefore, since our reaction to authority is so powerful and immediate, it provides us with a quicker and more engaging influencer over others.

8.Knowledge Is Power

Learn about everything around you and the topics you propose. 
That way you can act upon the knowledge that you have and then easily use it to your advantage.
By improving our knowledge we gain the power to know how to act accordingly and make appropriate decisions. 

We also further enhance our cognitive functions and are therefore able to think more decisively and efficiently.

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9.Build And Develop Your Reputation

Your reputation is based on your past and integrity, as well as your goals and character, which are critical when you want to influence someone: remember that your reputation is your greatest asset.

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10.Take Care Of How You Dress And Look

Dressing appropriately for the occasion is fundamental in establishing yourself as an authorative and influential figure. 

If you're working in a formal workplace then you'll be expected to dress smart and ultimately fit for the environment. Think of people such as lawyers, accountants, or hotel workers. They typically wear suits and are required to look smart.

Also, it is essential to not look scruffy and be 'well-kept'. Otherwise people will instantly get the impression that you're perhaps unorganized, messy, and don't care about your work.

11.You Don't Need To Offer Everything At the Start

If you try to offer everything that you can provide in one go, then you will have nothing more to offer in the future. In other words, you can't simply rush in to a situation and expect everyone to like you or agree with what you're saying in an instant. After all, establishing the ability to effectively influence others takes time if you want it to be done right.

Usually people want to have more things that are missing, so if you want your audience to act, you're going to have to make them feel like they're losing something, even if that thing could be you.

12.Portray A Sense Of Urgency

The power of influence can occur within a split second. But, you can speed up your ability to influence others effectively by taking action now.

If you don't support others to take action now, then they will likely become increasingly less responsive to your influence as time goes on.

13.Establish Unique Relationships

When others feel more comfortable with you, they are also more open to your ideas and advice.

It is vital that you find common interests between you and others. So, make sure that you listen, ask open questions, give people power, compliment them, and joke around too!, You'll see your influence grow this way for sure.

14.Always Be Persistent

If you want to persuade someone, never stop trying. 
In fact, if you continue to persist then in the long-run you will conclusively be more persuasive.

However, it is also important to not exert your influence too far upon others. They will start to feel overshadowed and develop a disliking towards you.

So, you need to keep making progress and taking steps forward, yet do so with caution and in a respectable way. 

Remember that in order to influence others more effectively, persistence is of paramount importance. So, never give up!

15.Be Flexible With Your Approach And Answers

People who are more flexible and can effectively adapt to change are able to influence others more effectively. 

A flexible approach allows you to adapt your stand point and strategies based upon different circumstances. 

Therefore, this provides you with a broader perspective and allows you to achieve your goals more easily.

16.Stay Calm And Keep Your Emotions Under Control

People turn to those who know how to control their emotions, especially in turbulent times of pressure and stress.

Think about it for a moment: would you ever turn to a leader who panics at the first sign of stress?

Ultimately, you need to show that you believe that you're confident in what your saying through having a strong sense of self-belief.

17.Choose Your Battles Wisely

Persuasive people understand that most conversations don't require you to accept something on the other side.

On the contrary, aggressive people put others in a position of defense, their aggression typically disheartens and demotivates the people around them.

18.Listen More Than You Speak

You cannot persuade or convince others if you do not know how they will react and what their true intentions or desires are.

People who are effective at influencing others will spend time observing, but also listening to the objectives, connections, and thoughts they have in common.

19.Engage And Interact With People

Speak to people with a positive and friendly approach. 
Simply smile, establish direct contact with them and speak firmly, yet slowly. 

This all helps them trust you more and feel a sense of connection. 
So, in theory it means that they are likely to become more receptive and inclined towards your ideas and actions.

20.Strive To Eliminate Fear

Whether you're talking to one person, a group, or a large audience, people get nervous easily.
This nervousness creates a barrier to influencing others effectively.

Stop thinking you're not good enough because we can all give more and after all no one is perfect.


Influencing others is definitely not easy, but if you take these 20 powerful secrets to influence others onboard and as act on them in an appropriate way, then you will quickly begin to see noticeable improvements in your ability to persuade and influence others effectively.

Just make sure that you understand just how important influencing others effectively is. 

After all it could help you to make more sales as a salesperson, gain more clients as a business owner, or establish a greater sense of authority and trust as a public speaker.

Thank Your for reading this Focus Ethos Post. We hope you learnt something new!

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